The whole school come together every day in the afternoon for an assembly.

Each assembly begins with the children practising their breathing using Each Amazing Breath’s “Take 5” breathing rituals.

The assembly rota is outlined below:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Values Assembly SMSC assembly Singing assembly SMSC assembly Celebration assembly

Values assembly

This is led by Mr Sharp. The first assembly of every half term introduces the new theme. These follow the values of the school.

Autumn 1 Ambition

Autumn 2 Inclusivity

Spring 1 Integrity

Spring 2 Resilience

Summer 1 Endeavour

Summer 2 Recap of the above

SMSC assembly

These are led by all members of staff.

Jigsaw assemblies are interactive sessions which support children’s social and moral development. These follow on with the Jigsaw sessions followed by children in their PSHE sessions.

Assemblies which look at different celebrations from different faiths allow children the opportunity to learn about a range of faith and beliefs.

Regular British Values assemblies using the Assemblease software gives children the chance to interact with the information and learn about the strands of British Values

  • The Rule of Law
  • Democracy
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance

Singing assembly

A whole school singing assembly is led by Mrs Fritchley and Miss Evans. The children learn a range of traditional and contemporary songs and are encouraged to sing them on entry to all of the assemblies. Children learn songs that are relevant to the season such as learning carols and Christmas songs to be celebrated at the carol concert at St Edmunds and end of year celebrations.

Celebration assembly

This assembly rewards individuals, classes and houses. Each class rewards an individual for improved learning or behaviour. There are also class awards for behaviour, tidiness and attendance. House points are collected and the winning house is revealed.