It doesn’t matter what the subject- be it English or Maths, Art or History; whether the children are learning about the layers of a rainforest or which materials are magnetic; and it doesn’t matter if they are sat writing at tables in their classroom or out exploring the sensory garden: our children are always learning!

We place a huge emphasis on how our children learn the basic skills of reading, writing and Mathematics but our curriculum is broad and balanced with added ‘awe and wonder’ built in! Our quest is to equip all of our children with both a love of learning and the skills for life at Secondary School and beyond.

We have a ‘Learning Challenge’ Curriculum which enthuses each and every child and gives them a range of Key Skills across a variety of Topics. Each Topic begins with a ‘Focus Question’ which stimulates thinking and makes the learning relevant for the children. See the Topic page for more information about the Learning Challenge Curriculum.