Our Academy


The curriculum at Bramble Academy is related to the local context of the school, encompassing the variety of pupil needs, opening doors to what is possible. We have based our curriculum around a capital model, so there is absolute clarity on our direction of travel for our pupils.

The Professional Capital curriculum is exemplified through our chosen specialism school for STEM and Science, as investment in this area is a key goal for the UK Government. Funding is been deployed year after year to try and enhance career pathways into STEM, WISE for example, and the national STEM learning organisation, who are offering considerable opportunities to train in STEM for Primary teachers. The Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield is seeing such organisations as Boeing, Maclaren, and Rolls Royce setting up home. We have placed two hours of Science on the curriculum and STEAM project based learning. Our aim in 2019/2020 is to achieve the Science Quality Mark, and to ensure all our children can articulate career aspirations and potential goals in this field. Our career guidance framework is based on the secondary Gatsby model, were pupils have an opportunity to meet some of the standards via our primary passport.

This approach is then supported by our Knowledge Capital Curriculum, were we hold the view that the curriculum is the mastery of a body of knowledge, defined by such practitioners as E D Hirsh, skills are an outcome of the curriculum. We feel it is our role as leaders to decide this body of knowledge, so we are not directed by external testing, and the need to narrow the curriculum for our pupils. We want our pupils to have an in depth understanding of a body of knowledge, rather than surface level understanding through topics. We wish to drawn on such practitioners as D T Willingham, who have proven strategies around cognitive psychology, and theories of the working memory VS long term memory. We use Latin as our vehicle to ensure pupils are ready to learn a language at secondary school, we believe having such skills prepares pupils to be advanced writers, but also confident enough to take that next step in learning a modern foreign language.

The Cultural Capital curriculum at The Bramble Academy is also crucial to the development of our children experiences. We respect our local community greatly, but there is a history on low aspirations in the area. We have developed together the Bramble Pledge which enhances our curriculum further. Pupils have many opportunity such as visit a university, climb a mountain, and meet a local MP. Our pledge is self-funded by the pupils, whilst we offer these experiences, pupils are clear they need to raise the funding through business development for these activities to occur, in turn developing entrepreneur skills. We also have extensive PE after schools programs where pupils can participate in competitive sports locally and nationally, or experience alternative sports like archery, and generally improve their fitness and health. Health and fitness locally is a concern, with the average living age been 10 years less than the UK national average. As part of our curriculum offer we are creating a not for profit organisation, which access local and national grants, enabling us to delivery community based projects around health and fitness.

We take our role as partners in educating our pupils seriously, we have implemented our Home School Learning projects, which bring the whole family together, which we celebrate in curriculum open mornings. Our vision is to develop parents as partners, our community plan engages parents from birth to secondary readiness. We wish to inform and educate our parents about the current educational land scape

The Moral Capital curriculum is routed in how to be a good 21st century citizen. We open pupils up to experiences outside of their local community, like charity funding days for, Jeans for Jeans, Children in Need. We secure pupils understanding around Human Rights and crucial historical events, which will support aspects of our Black History month Curriculum. As a school we also recongnise the need to educate pupils and parents around internet safety. We have developed an E safety curriculum, which takes our pupils on a journey of how to be safe online. The Academy also believes that great citizens support each other in times of need. Central to this view is our Anti Bullying ambassadors program, we believe that securing our Princess Diana Award has set the tone of what is acceptable in regards to the treatments of others. Our student council has a leading role in driving improvements at the school. Our student council are all elected members who have a year in office. The role is to develop the understanding of British Values across the school, through projects, events, and information sharing.