About Bramble

Our school lies at the heart of our community and we believe that all of our children deserve the very best education, regardless of their background. We believe in our children and so we have very high expectations of what they can accomplish in terms of behaviour, academic work and play!

“The school has a family atmosphere, I like bringing my grandchild to the school”.

“My child now loves coming to school, since he moved to Bramble, he gets himself up in a morning ready raring to go.”

Our staff ensure that our children enjoy their schooling

They plan exciting lessons across a variety of subjects and topics to ensure that the children are enthused. It is our belief that children do well when they enjoy their schooling and so we ensure that all of our lessons, assemblies, break-times, speakers and trips out have that key element: enjoyment.

Our children are always learning

It doesn’t matter what the subject- be it English or Maths, Art or History; whether the children are learning about the layers of a rainforest or which materials are magnetic. It doesn’t matter if they are sat writing at tables in their classroom or out exploring the sensory garden: our children are always learning!
We place a huge emphasis on how our children learn the basic skills of reading, writing and Mathematics but our curriculum is broad and balanced with added ‘awe and wonder’ built in! Our quest is to equip all of our children with both a love of learning and the skills for life at Secondary School and beyond.

All achieve

We believe that all children in the school should achieve in all subjects. Our targets for our children are challenging because we know that in order for them to succeed in life they have to be. The children rise to the challenge and often even exceed our expectations! We think that this is the way it should be.
As we believe the children are so important, we give them a great deal of responsibility: As Prefects and School Councillors certainly but also in other ways, we ensure that their voice is always heard!
Whether you are a prospective parent, child, member of staff or visitor we will make you feel welcome at our school. We look forward to welcoming you to The Bramble Academy and the start of what we think is an inspiring learning journey for all.
“My child is making great progress and now loves coming to school. Before coming to Bramble we used to struggle to get him to school, now he can’t wait to get here. You’re doing a great job, continue doing what you’re doing.”