Our vision 

To open minds, creating opportunities for all to believe in themselves, achieve their potential and develop the skills needed to succeed and enjoy life.

Our Mission

To create an education which educates, informs and inspires.

Our doors open every day to defy the education inequality that takes place in our society. We will provide the same educational opportunities for all, celebrating the achievements we have made possible for our pupils, through cultural, sporting and community activities. We will create revolutionary pedagogical practices, which shatter through the barriers to learning our children face. We will lead on innovative practice around feedback, assessment and curriculum, where we are known nationally as pioneers in our drive for equality. We will empower our parents/carers to be fully informed about the educational landscape, so they truly feel part of their children’s education journey. Our school will be a beacon of excellence winning national and local awards particularly for STEM and Science. This will be integrated into our aspirant culture, which sees pupils becoming some of the leading professionals in the UK and internationally.

Our Values

Ambition: Striving for the highest personal achievement

Integrity: The moral courage to be sincere, reliable and trustworthy at all times

Inclusivity:Together we create a stronger community

Endeavor: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today

Resilience:Take on challenges, learn and thrive