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At Bramble Academy, SMSC is taught throughout our curriculum and pupils are given a range of opportunities to explore british values.

The following areas across the school contribute to our SMSC provision :

The Bramble Pledge – Pupils are given access to a range of additional opportunities such as university visits and community engagement.

Values Assemblies – Pupils attend fortnightly assemblies which encompass the Trusts Values. Guest Speakers are invited into school to introduce pupils to people both within and outside of their community.

R.E. & PSHE – Our R.E. curriculum looks at a range of faiths and moral and social topics, and pupils are encouraged to take part in debate and discussion.

School Council – Pupils work on projects to benefit their school community and to give pupils a voice.

English – Our core texts allow pupils to engage with moral issues and develop an understanding of the wider world

Maths – Collaborative learning and teamwork allow pupils to develop skills and work on mastery problems etc.

SMSC is mapped out across the foundation subjects as outlined below.