Welcome to The Bramble Academy

Welcome to The Bramble Academy, a non-selective free independent school in the state sector (Academy).

The Bramble Academy uses international research and traditional values with a focus on  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and academic development. We are striving to create an education which educates, informs and inspires all our pupils.

In November 2018, comments from our parents/carers have included:

  • Parent/Carer A “The school has a family atmosphere, I like bringing my grandchild to the school”.
  • Parent/Carer B “My child now loves coming to school, since he moved to Bramble, he gets himself up in a morning ready raring to go.”
  • Parent/Carer C “My child is making great progress and now loves coming to school. Before coming to Bramble we used to struggle to get him to school, now he can’t wait to get here. You’re doing a great job, continue doing what you’re doing.”

Our Mission is: “Our doors open every day to defy the education inequality that takes place in our society. We will provide the same educational opportunities for all, celebrating the achievements we have made possible for our pupils, through cultural, sporting and community activities. We will create revolutionary pedagogical practices, which shatter through the barriers to learning our children face. We will lead on innovative practice around feedback, assessment and curriculum, where we are known nationally as pioneers in our drive for equality. We will empower our parents/carers to be fully informed about the educational landscape, so they truly feel part of their children’s education journey. Our school will be a beacon of excellence winning national and local awards particularly for STEM and Science. This will be integrated into our aspirant culture, which sees pupils becoming some of the leading professionals in the UK and internationally.

At Bramble the following beliefs are fundamental to our philosophy:

  • Ambition: We strongly believe in developing exceptional learning habits, which become part of daily life, establishing a culture of being the masters of our destiny, knowing we have the power to control our lives.

  • Integrity: We believe in providing consistently excellent teaching, remembering it is not what is taught, but how it is taught. We believe all children can learn; if pupils cannot learn from our teaching, we must adapt our teaching.

  • Resilience: We believe that children will challenge themselves if their efforts are celebrated, empowering pupils to fully participate in everything they do, every day.