When the National Curriculum was revised, we were encouraged to see the new expectations laid out per year group as Age Related Expectations.  

These are a set of objectives that are to be covered across the curriculum in the year group your child is currently in. At the end of the year, an assessment is made to see if your child is working at the expectations set out for them.  For example, a child in Year 3 would need to be able to do the vast majority of all the statements in maths to be assessed as 'working at'.  

If we feel that a child has not met these expectations, we will record their assessment as 'working below'.  What this means is that any gaps in knowledge will still need to be filled in addition to the expectations from the next year group when the child moves on.  

If a child can do all of the statements, we then look to see if they can do them when applied in several different contexts (i.e. a child can add 4 digit numbers together but we then check to see if they are still able when the calculation is presented in the context of money, measures or in a word problem etc..  If a child is able to show this for a wide range of the objectives, then we assess as 'working beyond'.  

It is extremely rare that we will look to content from the next year group as the expectations from the revised National Curriculum are much higher than we have ever been asked to achieve with children before.  

Our focus is to ensure breadth but with a rigorous focus on 'depth of learning' within each of the statements to ensure success.

For our end of year expectations please visit our Curriculum page