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Nicola Hearn - Year 5 teacher

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Greek pottery

9th October 2019 - Class News

This week the children began creating their Greek Vase they had designed using clay. Once the clay is dry, the children will then paint them following the ideas and patterns from the Ancient Greeks.

Over the last few weeks in Science, Year 5 have been learning about plant reproduction; the different ways seeds are dispersed, pollination and parts of plant. The children enjoy dissecting Lily’s. 

During our daily reading sessions, the children have been studying the poem ‘You can’t be that!’

The children have performed the poem; focusing on maintaining accuracy, fluency and including expression.

19th September 2019 - Class News

Our class book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Today the children have been thinking about inventing a new cake or biscuit. After watching clips of the film and reading the description in the book; the children were given some ingredients to make their own inventions! They had an amazing time being creative…..and messy!