Interim Academy Board (IAB) of The Bramble Academy

The IAB of The Bramble Academy was appointed by executive members of The Evolve Trust with effect from the 9th January 2018.

The membership of the IAB is:

  • Claire-Marie Cuthbert
  • Carl Atkin
  • Adrian O’Malley
  • Charlotte Elliott
  • Michael Lucas
  • Julie Horton

Responsibilities of the IAB

The IAB will be responsible for the monitoring the quality of provision and standards of achievement within the academy by:

  • Monitoring performance against targets set by the IAB.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the policy framework set by the IAB and its impact on standards of achievement.
  • Monitoring the academy self-evaluation and satisfying itself to the accuracy of this, including via external support as determined by the IAB.
  • Ensuring the academy complies with statutory requirements.
  • Providing robust challenge and support to the headteacher and SLT.
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress towards post-inspection or review action points.

The IAB will hold the headteacher and SLT to account, and be accountable to any interested party for the school’s performance by:

  • Receiving regular information from the headteacher and SLT on the performance of all aspects of the school.
  • Agreeing a performance management policy and monitoring its implementation.
  • Conducting the performance management of the headteacher and monitoring progress towards agreed targets.
  • Receiving appeals on issues relating to staff grievance, capability, complaints and exclusions.
  • Determining how the academy’s relationships with key stakeholders will be managed including what will be communicated, in what medium and how frequently.