Lorraine Dryden

Type: Community

Portfolio Member: Standards & Effectiveness

Linked to: Complaints, Careers (CEIAG), EYFS, Race Equality & Cultural Diversity

Lorraine moved to Nottinghamshire at a young age and gained a diploma in Health & Social Care at West Notts College. She has worked in a variety of employment sectors including Retail, Hospitality and Insurance before a career change led to her appointment to a position with Mansfield District Council Community Safety Team currently as a Neighbourhood Warden Team Leader.

Lorraine is looking forward to utilising the skills, knowledge and experience she has gained over her working career to contribute and support the development of the Bramble Academy and to help improve the outcomes for all its pupils both now and in the future.

Term of office start date: 30/11/2015 end date: 20/03/2017