Transition to the Bramble Academy

We want our children to experience smooth transitions so that the quality of learning is maintained and children continue to make the very best progress. We want our children to:

  • Make a happy transition from home to school and year group to year group.
  • Support all children towards independence and develop confidence and ability to cope with change.
  • Give pupils a clear understanding of the new expectations ahead of them.
  • Ensure that any relevant information from outside agencies is acknowledged and acted upon particularly in regard to children who might be considered vulnerable.
  • Encourage all parents to be partners in their child’s education.
  • Assist parents in helping their child prepare for school and transition.

Transition into a class part way through the year

Once a place has been confirmed, arrangements for transition are communicated to parents. Families are then invited into school meet key staff and ensure that all relevant and necessary paperwork is completed before transition/start plans are put in place.

Transition from home to EYFS

Once a place in the nursery has been confirmed, arrangements for transition are communicated to parents in writing. Families are then invited to a meeting at which they meet the nursery team and receive further information about the settling-in process. New intake children are then invite in for several sessions to meet the other staff and children so that they can start to get familiar with their surroundings.

The Transition booklet below gives a useful guide for children transitioning into EYFS.

Please have a look at our transition booklet which will give you all the information you need in preparation of joining the Bramble Academy.