Nursery Curriculum 

The Foundation Stage incorporates the first 2 years of your child’s education and is seen as a distinct and extremely important part in the process of becoming a life-long learner. Your child will begin their education in the Nursery and then in a Reception class. 

Children enter Nursery in the term after they have their 3rd Birthday. For Autumn born children this means they will have five terms of Nursery education, Spring born children can have four terms and the Summer born children will have three terms. Children enter the Reception class in the year they have their 5th birthday.

The Bramble Academy Nursery offers 30 hour places for those parents who are allegeable. Please speak to the school office for details.

Foundation Stage children wear-a black cardigan or jumper, grey trousers, skirt or dress, a red polo shirt which can be bought from any local supermarket.The logged Bramble Academy-cardigans and jumpers can be ordered from crystals of Mansfield or via -our website. 

Ultimately the children need to be comfortable and able to move freely. Reception children will need a P.E. kit comprising of a t-shirt, shorts, jogging bottoms, plimsolls and a P.E. bag. All of these items can be purchased from any local supermarket. Bramble Academy PE-Bags can be purchased via the website.

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