Year 6 News


Year 6 Fundraising and Pledges

Year 6 Harvard spent Autumn One learning all about Harvard University and the standards and expectations at one of the world’s best universities. We contacted former Harvard students to find out from them what life at Harvard was like. We received messages from Dr Arlene Holmes Henderson, who attended Harvard and is now a lecturer at a London university.

Dr Arlene Holmes - Henderson

We also wrote letters to Rakesh Khurana, who is the Dean of Harvard University. This means that he is responsible for making decisions about what happens at Harvard University and the education they offer.
Dean Rakesh Khurana

Dean Rakesh Khurana

In Autumn Two we visited a University to understand the opportunities that were available to us after we leave school. We went to the University of Hull for the day and attended lectures and workshops. The children got to go on a campus tour, visit university accommodation and then attended lectures in architecture and Drama. The pupils then had a graduation ceremony, where they got to wear caps and gowns and were given graduation certificates.