The study of geography embraces many topics throughout the Core Knowledge Sequence UK. Geographic knowledge includes a spatial sense of the world, an awareness of the physical processes that shape life, a sense of the interactions between humans and their environment, an understanding of the relations between place and culture, and an awareness of the characteristics of specific regions and cultures. We also have a large focus on field work, and pupils understanding their local environment. We are keen to ensure our pupils have a great understanding of the world, and an appreciation for others.

Knowledge Organisers

Year 1 

Year 1 Geography (Spatial Sense)

Year 1 Geography (The 7 Continents)

Year 4

Year 4 Geography The Local Area PDF

Year 5

Year 5 Geography Australia and area PDF

Year 5 Geography The World PDF

Year 5 Geography British Geography_.pdf

Year 6

Year 6 Geography Autumn One PDF

Year 6 Geography Autumn Two PDF

Year 6 Geography Spring Two PDF