To build a curriculum which supports children to be healthy, in both mind and body. Our children deserve to be cared for and happy, and supported to flourish in a safe environment. We support children in learning who they are and promoting their self-esteem through a range of learning opportunities.

Our curriculum equips our pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to be life-long learners in today's world. Learning at The Bramble Academy is relevant and challenging, we want children to have a breadth of knowledge to help them find their place in the world.

To build a curriculum which is ambitious, we take into account the starting points of all of our pupils, including those with SEND, to enable all children to reach for the stars. With the secure foundations to enable them to reach their full potential, our children are encouraged to take risks and learn through mistakes. Our children deserve to have provision put into place to broaden their horizons, we develop long-term plans which enable children to build on previous knowledge and develop schema across learning.

We understand that life can be difficult, and now more than ever, children need to be resilient to succeed. We support our children to learn resilience, in different contexts, to be able to push through the challenges to continue learning.

Our school is the heart of the community, together, we celebrate diversity and encourage children to explore uniqueness and treat everyone fairly. We believe that in order to become active citizens of the future, our children need to understand and respect differences. The Bramble Academy is an inclusive school, everyone is welcome! It is through celebrating diversity is how we will develop active and responsible citizens of the future.

Y​ear Group Long Term Plans

Y​ear 1

Y​ear 2

Y​ear 3

Y​ear 4

Y​ear 5

Y​ear 6

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